BioPro Master Catalog (9.2Mb PDF)

BioPro Product Summary (852k PDF)

Benefits of Use

Superior establishment of new turf and overseeding

Increased availability of phosphorus in soils

Enhanced uptake and tissue phosphorus levels from humic acid

Stabilizes phosphorus in water with high mineral content

Problem Conditions Improved

Phosphorus precipitation in irrigation water or tank mixes using water high in minerals

Phosphorus deficiency symptoms including reddish-purple color and reduction in vigor

Soils deficient in phosphorus

Turf situations requiring higher levels of plant available phosphorus

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N) 7.00%
6.00% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
0.30% Nitrate Nitrogen
0.70% Urea Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 21.00%
Zinc (Zn) 0.20%
0.20% Water Soluble Zinc

Derived From
Anhydrous Ammonia, Urea Ammonium Nitrate, Phosphoric Acid, Zinc Sulfate.

This product also contains 7% organic acids derived from leonardite which may enhance nutrient uptake.

Physical Characteristics
10.8 lb./gal. (0.76 lb. N/gal.; 2.29 lb. P2O5/gal.), pH 5.6

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Enviro P (7-21-0) is an exceptional source of phosphorus for turf. A patented production process complexes organic acids from leonardite with phosphorus, producing a very stable product that retains phosphorus in the root zone significantly longer than conventional fertilizers. Phosphorus is commonly tied up in the soil becoming chemically unavailable for plant uptake. The unique combination of phosphorus and organic acids in Enviro P not only sustains the availability of phosphorus but improves the overall growth response of turf. Phosphorus is particularly important in the establishment and development of new seedlings. Enviro P is most effective when used as a pre-plant application for overseeding or new grow-in, and as the continuing phosphorus source during establishment. Enviro P gives new turf a substantial head start, creating a more vigorous playable surface in a shorter period of time.

Application Instructions
One gallon of Enviro P (7-21-0) contains 0.76 lb. of nitrogen and 2.29 lb. of phosphorus as P2O5. Apply at a rate of 0.25 to 0.5 gal. per 1000 sq. ft. diluted in 2.5 gal. of water, or 11 to 22 gal. per acre diluted in 100 gal. of water. Water-in with 0.25” irrigation water after application.
Three applications of 1/2 gal. per 1000 sq. ft. will yield a total of 3.4 lb. of phosphorus as P2O5 and 1.1 lb. nitrogen.
Shake well before using.

Container Sizes & Model Numbers
2.5 gal. Model 57135
30 gal. Model 57136
275 gal. Model 57137

Handling & Storage
Store between 40-95° F. Avoid direct heat or fire. Decomposition may occur at high temperatures (above 225° F). Avoid Freezing!
Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid inhalation, eye contact, or ingestion. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin which may cause irritation. Wash thoroughly after handling. Corrosive.

Downloadable Literature:

EnviroP Flyer