BioPro Master Catalog (9.2Mb PDF)

BioPro Product Summary (852k PDF)

Benefits of Use
• Increases tolerance to mid-summer stresses
• Easily applied through fertigation
• Increases nutrient uptake by plants
• Supports soil microbial activity
• Stimulates root growth
• Increases seedling establishment in new turf and overseeding
• Increases water and nutrient holding capacity in soils over time
• Increases overall plant vigor
• Increases nutrient recycling
• Aids in decomposition of thatch and black layers

Problem Conditions Improved
• Poor nutrient retention in sandy soils
• Low levels of soil microbial activity
• Anaerobic soil conditions
• Soil compaction
• Poor water infiltration
• Black layer formation
• Toxic conditions from salt or chemical accumulation

Guaranteed Analysis
Contains non-plant food ingredients: 22% organic acids derived from leonardite ore.
This product should be used as a supplement to a regular fertility program. It will not by itself provide all nutrients required by plants.

Derived From
Leonardite Ore.

Physical Characteristics
9.7 lb./gal.; pH 13.0; color - black

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EnviroPlex is a unique, highly concentrated liquid organic soil conditioner produced from a patented extraction process. EnviroPlex contains 22% organic acids derived from leonardite ore, significantly higher than the 15% humic acid concentration normally found in leonardite derived products (15% is the maximum achievable using conventional extraction methods). These additional organic acids in EnviroPlex include the “humin fraction” in naturally occurring humic substances which is not extractable by conventional means. This humin component amplifies the benefits of the humic acids in EnviroPlex, thus increasing its ability to complex mineral nutrients in the soil making them more plant-available, increasing soil CEC and stimulating soil microbial activity.
EnviroPlex can be applied as a soil conditioner through fertigation or conventional spray, or tank-mixed with nutrient blends as an organic supplement, improving the overall effectiveness of a turf fertility program.

Application Instructions
EnviroPlex can be applied as a soil condi-tioner through fertigation or conventional spray, or tank-mixed with fertilizer solutions to enhance performance. Apply 3-6 oz. of product in 2.5 gal. of water per 1000 sq. ft. of turf per month, or 1-2 gal. in 50 gal. of water per acre per month.

Check compatibility with other products before mixing. Fertilizers with a pH of 4 or less may not be compatible. Do not apply with calcium-based fertilizers.

Mixing Instructions:
1. Partially fill tank with fertilizer or water and start agitation.
2. Add EnviroPlex slowly to the circulating mix.
3. Fill tank and agitate thoroughly.
4. Shake well before using.

Container Sizes & Model Numbers
2.5 gal. Model 57004
30 gal. Model 57005

Handling & Storage
Store between 40-95° F. Avoid direct heat or fire. Decomposition may occur at high temperatures (above 225° F). Avoid Freezing!
Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid inhalation, eye contact, or ingestion. Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin which may cause irritation. Wash thoroughly after handling. Corrosive.

Downloadable Literature:

EnviroPlex Flyer