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BioPro's products an services span a broad array of industries with the goal of bringing more responsible approaches to property management and water conservation. It is quite likely that you've run into our products in your arena and did not realize it.

Take a moment to review where we operate and what we have set out to accomplish. It is an ambitious agenda that has enormous benefit to anyone wanting to save money, water, work and the planet. It is truly a win-win!

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Golf and Sports Field Management:
From advanced liquid fertilizers to drought mitigation to naturally derived growth hormones and biotimulants, Ecologel arms the Golf Course Superintendent and Sports Field Manager the tools needed to keep their assets green, healthy, vigorous and disease-resistant. By managing the overall health of these high-dollar greenscapes, Ecologel's environmentally responsible solutions save money, water and investment, not to mention time and labor costs.

Lawn and Landscapes:
With an emphasis on residential and commercial properties, Ecologel makes its professional-grade products available to pro applicators and homeowners. With a range of products aimed at ease of use, economy and effectiveness, Ecologel is leading the charge to educate the average person on the merits of a healthy greenscape, not only in terms of aesthetic beauty, but also is energy cost reductions, water savings and environmental stewardship.

There is arguably no greater mission that to improve the science of agriculture, particularly for food production. We are showing farmers around the globe how to improve yields while reducing water consumption and over-fertilization that can lead to damaging run-off and harm to delicate wetlands.

Aquatics and Pond Management:
Anywhere a water feature is present, be it a pond, fountain, lake or stream, Ecologel has the solutions for algae and weed control. Not to be confused with harmful aquatic herbicides, our products emphasize biological control by promoting the growth of beneficial bateria that break down sludge which would otherwise lead to algae bloom and choking aquatics plant overgrowth. Fish safe and swimmer safe, our solution is clear!

Parks and Facilities Management:
With public safety high on the agenda, Ecologel offers a number of solutions for algae, fungus and mold control on sidewalks, outdoor fixtures and structures. These products prevents unwanted and unsightly growth that can also lead to slippery and dangerous surfaces.

Construction and Road Maintenance:
Dry conditions bring about more than just wilting plants. Anywhere that the ground has been broken up, roads and construction sites for example, you will have a dust problem. This problem can range for annoying and unsightly to downright dangerous for human health and driving conditions. Ecologel offers completely natural solutions for dust control that will clear the air.

Water Conservation: Our flagship focus has always been to reduce global water consumption, particularly when it comes to maintaining landscapes, whether commercial or residential. Virtually every product we make can be tied back to this core mission. Even our dust control technology can reduce water usage by those whop would seek a car wash less often. It is not hard to see how everything we do stems from the belief that healthy plants and properly managed surfaces reduce energy costs, save water and ultimately benefits the planet we all must share.