BioPro Master Catalog (9.2Mb PDF)

BioPro Product Summary (852k PDF)

Benefits of Use
• Improved irrigation water quality
Improved irrigation water will aid in nutrient availability, improve soil structure, and water penetration.

• Clean-up problem irrigation ponds
Problem irrigation ponds can be kept clean and clear without the harmful side-effects of pesticides.

• Increased water penetration
Water as rain, or irrigation, penetrates the surface and enters the soil profile quickly promoting uniform infiltration and minimizing loss through channeled runoff.

• Uniform wetting
Uniform water movement through the soil profile eliminates inconsistent wetting due to channeled flow. Soil moisture is distributed and stored evenly throughout the root zone minimizing localized areas of water-stressed turf.

• Treatment of localized dry spots
Localized dry spots, particularly in sand-based greens, can be treated and cured through regular use.

• Increased irrigation and fertilizer efficiency
Water losses due to runoff and surface evaporation are reduced. Water and nutrients are uniformly available in the soil solution, increasing the overall efficiency of plant uptake and the overall consistency of turf quality.

• Low burn potential
Products can be used at full rates throughout the year without watering in.

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About our Soil Moisture Management Line

The BioPro Water Management line is comprised of four products. Three are formulated to treat poor quality irrigation water, and one is to increase water penetration, wetting and efficiency. Water is the most abundant component of living plant tissue and the quality of irrigation water affects all aspects of turf growth. Poor quality irrigation water can affect the availability of nutrients in the soil, soil structure, and efficiencies of some pesticides.