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BioPro Product Summary (852k PDF)

Benefits of Use
. Highest quality ingredients
All nutrients are supplied from the highest quality liquid sources. These products are particularly well suited for greens and tees or other areas of high quality turf.
. Low burn potential
All ingredients have low osmotic potentials minimizing any risk of foliage burn.
. Controlled release N
The blend of polymethylene ureas provide an immediate N response followed by a uniform and sustained release. Growth surges and declines are minimized creating a consistently playable surface.
. More available P & K
Phosphorous is complexed organically, protecting it from immobilization in the soil and increasing its availability for plant uptake. Potassium is provided in a chlorine free form that is available to plants longer.
. Organic advantage
A complex mix of organic acids from a patented extraction process enhances the performance of the nutrient blends and improves soil quality.

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About our NPK Nutrient Blends

BioPro Enviro and Greens Plus NPK Nutrient Blends are formulated from the highest quality sources of each nutrient. Nitrogen is supplied in blends from polymethylene ureas which provides an immediate nitrogen response followed by a controlled release; from urea ammonium nitrate that provide a balance of three nitrogen forms that provide rapid to medium response; and other ammoniacal sources that provide rapid response. These sources of nitrogen are combine in ratios to sustain turf performance by eliminating the growth spikes, declines common to soluble forms of N, and minimize the risk of leaf burn because of low osmotic potentials. These blends have demonstrated superior plant growth response com-pared to other sources of N in controlled studies.
Phosphorus is supplied through a patented manufacturing process that complexes organic acids derived from leonardite ore with phosphorus, extending its availability in the root zone. Phosphorus is commonly tied up in forms unavailable to plants shortly after entering the soil system. The organically complexed P in Enviro and Greens Plus blends not only remains plant-available for extended periods, but exhibits many of the growth enhancing effects of humic substances.
Potassium is supplied as either potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide, high-quality, chlorine-free, less-caustic sources. Potassium Carbonate is held longer in the soil system sustaining K availability to the plant.
All Enviro and Greens Plus products contain an organic component derived from leonardite ore through a patented ex-traction process. This unique mix of humic substances enhances the availability of nutrients.