BioPro is driven by a highly dedicated and growing team of professional entrepreneurs, scientists, marketers and product specialists who are committed to educating the world about the challenges of water conservation through responsible greencare.

Simply put, we want to change the world for the better, and although we can't do it alone, we do recognize the vital importance of our little corner of the mission.

Feel free to contact any of us with questions you may have about our products, programs or company. We'd love to tell all about them!

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..... Richard K. Irwin
Rick started in the industrial coatings business, gaining a significant understanding of the interactions between various structural substrates and protective agents. His initial forays were into technologies for protecting urban structures from graffiti. This lead to the development of products for shielding concrete and other materials from potentially hazardous algae growth.

Securing contracts from such high-profile clients as Walt Disney World, Irwin leveraged these early successes toward the acquisition of US distribution rights to products such as Hydretain. As the driving force behind Ecologel, Irwin is a tireless evangelist for the causes of water conservation and drought awareness.

James Spindler
Certified Professional Agronomist
Jim is a leading and respected voice in the arenas of horticulture and soil science. With 30 years experience as both a commercial representative, consultant and scientist, Jim lends enormous credibility to all of Ecologel’s products.

He is responsible for most educational product road shows and technical seminars and is often called upon by the industry and clients alike to speak on subjects of relevance to drought, green care and soil science. As the point man for the BioPro line of liquid fertilizers, formerly owned by Toro®, Jim calls upon a deep list of personal and professional contacts to open doors for product evaluation.

Nick Irwin
Operations Manager
Rick Irwin’s son, Nick, grew up around Ecologel’s product line, and worked for the company managing inventory and handling order fulfillment. In addition to these core responsibilities, Nick currently manages the company’s daily operations including accounting functions, sales and trade show attendance.

Nick is also a key player in the testing and evaluation of how Ecologel’s products perform and interact with other product brands. These experiments are crucial in determining the feasibility of potential alliances between the company and its industry partners.

Sarah Spatola
Marketing Representative
As the daughter of company President Rick Irwin, Sarah has been involved with the Ecologel line of product since childhood: performing odd jobs during summers and weekends. After graduating with a BS in Marketing from the University of Central Florida, she officially joined the Ecologel team in November, 2009.

As a Marketing Representative, Sarah plays a key role in the development of the company’s marketing and advertising programs. She also works with local distributors to promote Ecologel’s products to both professional applicators and end users.

Kevin Lewis
Northeast Technical Sales Manager
Kevin started his career in the green industry in 1988 and served as a Golf Course Superintendent, overseeing all aspects of course management. Kevin earned an Applied Sciences degree from Ohio State in Turfgrass Management.

Kevin also partnered in launching a lawn maintenance company and
was licensed as a commercial applicator in the State of Ohio for Turf, General Weed control, and Aquatics. Beforte joining Ecologel, Kevin joined John Deere Landscapes where he supported sales staff and end users in developing sound agronomic programs and participating in industry training for CEU credits.