BioPro Master Catalog (9.2Mb PDF)

BioPro Product Summary (852k PDF)

Benefits of Use
. Clarifies cloudy water
. Eliminates pond odors
. Reduces sludge build-up
. Helps stabilize pH, dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia
. Remediates effluent water

Problem Conditions Improved
. Ecologically out-of-balance ponds
. Turbidity caused by suspended solids
. Thick sludge layers
. Foul pond odors

Physical Characteristics
Rehydrates to a pH of 6.8-7.5; 7.5 lbs./gallon

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About Our Pond Maintenance Products

Aqua-T uses a revolutionary method of bioaugmentation to reduce sludge and foul-odors that commonly plague golf course ponds. The program consists of simple regular treatments of Aqua-T, and does not require an applicator's license or permit to apply. A special blend of naturally occurring soil and water bacteria is designed to clean pond, lakes, and other bodies of water. Aqua-T works in the entire water column and sludge layer to digest any organic wastes that are generated by animal and plant life in the aquaculture. Aqua-T is also safe for irrigation ponds as it is not an algaecide. The result of this environmentally friendly product will be a thriving aquaculture with crystal clear water free from odors and sludge. Aqua-T is packaged in water-soluble cellulose bags for easy application.