BioPro Master Catalog (9.2Mb PDF)

BioPro Product Summary (852k PDF)

Benefits of Use
. Alleviation of soil toxins
Organic acids sequester or “capture” certain soil toxins such as pesticide residues or accumulated salts from irrigation.
. Accelerated organic matter decomposition
Stimulated soil microbial activity breaks down accumulated organic material and degrades toxic organic substances.
. Buffered soil system
Humic substances improve the overall stability of the soil system buffering it from toxic effects that may result from the accumulation of salts and other undesirable compounds.
. Increased turf vigor and stress resistance
Organic acids increase the availability and enhance the uptake of critical mineral nutrients. Growth hormones and other biostimulants increase root growth, creating a more vigorous and stress resistant turf plant.

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About our Soil Remediation Line

BioPro Soil Remediation Products are formulated to alleviate problem soil conditions resulting from the accumulation of toxic substances or from the accumulation of organic matter such as surface thatch or internal layers. These products sequester or inactivate undesirable substances through the action of organic acids, and stimulate microbial activity accelerating the natural degradation of soil toxins. These soil remediation products also improve overall soil health and increase turf vigor in a manner similar to BioPro Soil Conditioners creating a higher quality more playable surface.