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BioPro Fertilizers are designed for golf courses, sports fields, and other turf areas. The BioPro fertilizer line is a complete line of liquid fertilizers, liquid micronutrients, liquid biostimulants, and liquid soil corrective products. Most BioPro products contain a natural organic component.

BioPro also offers fertigation products for optimal turfgrass management through an irrigation system.

Aqua-T Pond Bacteria is a natural, environmentally friendly product for cleaning ponds. The natural bacterial cultures reduce sludge, control odors, and digest excess nutrients in the water column. Aqua-T Pond Concentrated Pond and Lake Dye is a safe and non-toxic specially formulated dye which will quickly add a natural blue color to any body of water.

Consulting offered by our Certified Professional Agronomist, with 20 years experience in turfgrass. Services offered include:

* Turfgrass Agronomics

* Custom Fertilizer Development

* Private Labeling of Fertilizer Products