CytoGro Rooting Hormone Biostimulant


CytoGro® is a seaweed-derived biostimulant that supplement plant’s natural hormones to increase root growth and encourage tiller, rhizome and stolon production. In addition to increasing roots, CytoGro increase plant vigor, improves stress tolerance and increases nutrient efficiency.

CytoGro is not currently registered for sale in the following states:



What is CytoGro?
CytoGro is an EPA registered (#90022-1) liquid hormone biostimulant derived from seaweed extracts. Aconsistent source of cytokinins and auxins, CytoGro stimulates root growth; encourages tiller, rhizome and stolon production; increases vigor; and improves stress tolerance for fine turf, lawns, trees, landscape ornamentals and flowering plants. Additionally, CytoGro contains hormone cofactors, such as amino acids, vitamins, proteins, carboxylic acids, mannates, and sea minerals, which allow the product to be effective at low rates. By amplifying root mass, CytoGro not only improves plant health, it also aids in the uptake of water, fertilizers and pesticides, saving both time and money.

What is a Hormone Biostimulant?
Cytokinins are plant hormones. They occur naturally, produced by the roots of all plants and play a major role in the development of root and tiller buds. Under ideal growing conditions, plants produce enough natural cytokinins. However, during temperature or moisture extremes, herbicide damage, or insect or disease stress, the plant’s natural production of cytokinins is diminished. This is where CytoGro comes to the rescue!

How Does CytoGro Work?
Under stress, plants produce less cytokinin. CytoGro supplements the level of cytokinins in stressed plants which increases strength and resilience. In tests, treated turf roots grew 25 – 50% more than their untreated counterpart. CytoGro delays plant aging and improves photosynthesis. All this simply means is that plants treated with CytoGro are stronger and healthier.

What Does CytoGro Do for Plants?
CytoGro enhances plant growth by developing a deeper, denser root system. CytoGro also helps plants withstand stress from harsh environments, temperature extremes, drought, insect damage, high salinity, and traffic.

Application Instructions
CytoGro can be applied through fertigation or conventional spray. It may be applied alone or tank mixed with other products.


  • Initial Application: Apply 0.8 oz. of CytoGro per 1,000 sq. ft. (2 pints per acre).
  • Monthly Application: Following the initial application apply 0.4 oz. of CytoGro per 1,000 sq. ft. (1 pint per acre). To maximize performance, maintenance rates may be split in weekly or bi-weekly applications.
    Note: CytoGro is best applied as a foliar spray in the late afternoon or early morning with leaves being allowed to dry. For additional root growth and green-up from CytoGro, tank mix with iron sulfate or chelated iron.

Transplanting Trees, Shrubs and Ornamentals:
Add 1 fl. oz. of CytoGro per 3 gallons of transplant solution.

Landscape Maintenance:
To improve flowering and stress tolerance of bedding plants; to speed up the correction of nutritional deficiencies, such as iron chlorosis; and to enhance nutrient uptake in root feeding of trees and shrubs. Mix 1 fl. oz. of CytoGro per 3 gallons of water and apply through fertigation, soil drench, foliar spray or root injection. Apply every 2 to 4 weeks or as needed.

CytoGro is compatible with most commonly used turf and ornamental products. A standard “jar test”is always recommended to confirm compatibility.



Additional information

Product Availability

CytoGro is not currently registered for sale in the following states:



Handling & Storage

Store between 40°-120° F. Avoid direct heat or fire. Decomposition may occur at high temperatures. Avoid freezing. Keep out of reach of children. Refer to product SDS for additional safety, handling and disposal instructions.


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