PivotPro™ Watering Wand


The HYDE® PivotPro™ connects directly to your hose to provide a quick and easy lawn & garden product applicator. With a pivoting nozzle, adjustable spray settings and 16 oz. container for your favorite products, the PivotPro is a great tool for watering hanging baskets and hard to reach plants in your garden beds or patio.


The HYDE® PivotPro™ can be used to apply your favorite products, wash off garden tools or water your hanging baskets and hard to reach plants. To apply products, simply fill the container with a concentrated liquid product, select the dilution ratio and apply! The container can be removed for through cleaning between applications. Slide the handle as you go to adjust the spray angle.


  • 16 oz Product Container – Completely Removable for Easy Cleaning
  • Variable Dilution Rate – 1/2oz Increments from 0.5oz to 3oz per Gallon
  • 46 Inch Reach
  • On/Off /Mix Thumb Control
  • 3-Setting Spray Nozzle
  • 135° Pivoting Nozzle



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